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Category Archives: Hydration

Can I Drink Alcohol the Night Before My AM Workout?

“Happy hour” may turn sour during the next day’s workout. Trainer Danny McLarty tells you how to drink smart.Read More

Danny McLarty is a FitStudio sponsored writer
Tags: ExercisefitnesshydrationSportstrainingWellness

Top 20 Fit Fruits & Veggies

Our top 20 produce picks that help you get fit and stay fit.Read More

Toby Amidor is a FitStudio sponsored writer
Tags: DietNutritionWeight Loss

Passing an Ultra-Test

As an ultra-endurance athlete, I’m used to putting mind over matter. A few weeks ago, when I embarked on my fourth 50-miler and 10th ultra-distance event, The American River 50 Mile Endurance Race, I was faced with a decision: Quit …Read More

Sarah Stanley is a FitStudio sponsored writer
Tags: fitnessRunningSportstraining