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Category Archives: Holidays

Lean, on Lisa: A Lucky Irish Workout

This St. Patrick’s Day-themed routine will make you sweat green. Try it!Read More

Lisa Johnson is a FitStudio sponsored writer
Tags: Exercisefitnesstraining

Valentine’s Day Recipe: Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Fondue

Go “skinny-dipping” in this light, sinfully easy, homemade fondue recipe, by food expert, Jodie Shield, RDN. Read More

Jodie Shield is a FitStudio sponsored writer
Tags: ChocolateDietRecipesValentine's Day

Four New Aphrodisiac Foods

Strawberries, oysters, chocolate, and wine are the tried-and-true aphrodisiac foods, synonymous with Valentine’s Day. But they aren’t your only options. We found four more sexy edibles that promise to entice your taste buds and get you in the mood for …Read More

Toby Amidor is a FitStudio sponsored writer
Tags: dessertDietValentine's Day

The Holiday Weight Debate

Use these four tips to tweak the way you think about holiday weight gain.Read More

Megan Searfoss is a FitStudio sponsored writer
Tags: ExercisefitnesshappinessHolidaysWeight Loss

Ten Festive Ways to Burn Calories

These festive activities can’t replace traditional exercise, but they’ll certainly help burn off the gingerbread cookies you ate for dessert.Read More

Joyce Cherrier is a FitStudio sponsored writer
Tags: ExercisefitnessHolidaysWeight Loss