Celebrity Body Crushes

Private chefs, pro trainers, personal assistants at the ready—it seems as though celebrities have every resource available to get fit and fabulous. We see them and think, “If I were rich, I’d look super-hot, too!” Here’s a reality check: Money isn’t the X-factor; commitment is. Celebrities have to work hard for their hot bodies, which is good news for you. It means your paparazzi-perfect abs and butt are within reach. All you need are the proper tools and the right attitude. We dissect how four of favorite celeb role models pull it off.

Celeb crush: Beyonce

What she rocks best: Butt and self-image

Her philosophy: Sources write that the super-mogul takes a holistic approach to fitness. That means making healthy food choices daily, training consistently, and being mentally engaged. She also believes in embracing her curves, rather than trying to be stick thin. Therefore, instead of trying to lose your butt, boost it (then, twerk it!)!

Best move: Goblet Squat (Click here to try it!). Do 20 reps of these and you’ll feel why it works!

Celeb crush: Kelly Ripa

What she rocks best: Arms and charm

Why we love her: Sure, she”s petite, but her toned, buff arms pack a punch. She’s also a fan of group workouts—there’s power in numbers!–and strength-training, reportedly.

Best move: Partner dips and wall sit (Click here to try it!). You’ll sweat with a buddy and target your biceps and triceps.

Celeb crush: Rihanna

What she rocks best: Abs and sass

Secret to flat-belly success: Sources report that her trainer focuses on strategic core moves with lots of repetitions and a protein-rich diet (sorry, 1,000 crunches alone won’t do the trick!). Maybe that’s what inspires this pop songstress to bare her waist and wind her hips.

Best moves: Oblique V-up (Click here to try it!) and Swiss ball torso twist (Click here to try it!). Then, to spice up your fitness wardrobe.

Celeb crush: Gwen Stafani

What she rocks best: Legs and work ethic

Why we’re smitten: For one, she drops to the floor and does push-ups in the middle of concerts–that’s gangster! Stefani has also been quoted as saying that you have to be willing to put in the hard labor and long hours it takes to reach your goals. We second that emotion.

Best move: Sign up for our no-excuses, Knockout program right here, if you dare!

Chee Gates is a FitStudio sponsored writer
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