You Are What You Tweet

Savvy folks, like us, often use social media as a tool to reach our fitness goals. It helps keep us motivated and accountable. Now a recent study, published in the journal Translational Behavioral Medicine, confirms what we’ve known all along. Researchers followed 100 obese and overweight participants over the course of six months. Those who tweeted regularly as part of their online weight-loss efforts melted more pounds than those who didn’t tweet. In fact, for every ten tweets, experts calculated an additional 0.5 percent weight-loss. Haven’t joined the Twitter party yet? Here’s how you can get started today.

Follow like-minded Tweeps. Reading their tips and tricks can actually give you support and inspiration when you need it. Start with the experts and bloggers right here at FitStudio: @LisaJohnson, @joycecherrier, @AngryTrainerFit, @iBodyFit, @DannyMcLarty, @AndreaMetcalf, @tobyamidor (that’s me!).

Participate in Twitter chats. My go-to weekly chats include #FoodieChats and #FitStudio (which I also host regularly) and monthly #RDChat. It’s a fun way to meet new tweeps and trade ideas.

Start the conversation. I’ll clue my followers into what I’m eating and ask what’s on their menu. For example, I’ll tweet, “It’s an oatmeal morning in my house. What’s for breakfast in yours?” The responses I get turn into delicious healthy ideas for the rest of the week.

Post food pics. As a foodie, I eat with my eyes first. If a picture of a beautiful sweet potato soup makes me want to lick my computer screen, I know it’ll inspire someone else. It’s my personal healthy food advertising campaign.

How do you use twitter to stay fit? Let me know on @tobyamidor.

Toby Amidor is a FitStudio sponsored writer
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