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Uphill Tread Legs Workout

Feeling a little daring today? We triple dare you to try this tread workout. You won’t walk away disappointed. In fact, you may not want to walk away at all. Call the valet, and press play!Read More

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My First Marathon: The Hard Truth

Fitness expert, Andrea Metcalf, finds herself at the crossroads of perseverance and self-preservation. See which way she goes. Read More

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Ayren’s Mommy Makeover: Week Eight Video

Makeover mom, Ayren, recalls the wise words of weight-loss that the FitStudio community imparted, and how she’s putting them to action!Read More

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Fad Diet, Bad Diet

Are you so anxious to lose weight that you’re willing to compromise sensible eating for fast results? Then, you need to read this…now. Read More

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Lean, on Lisa: Confession and Workout

Fitness expert, Lisa Johnson, tells the truth about her radical approach to weight-loss. Plus, we get a peek at her favorite moves.
Read More

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