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Kitchen Tools That Keep You Fit

Think of the following three kitchen tools, hand-picked by our experts, as gear for your healthy lifestyle. Cook lean–look lean!Read More

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Ayren’s Mommy Makeover: Week Four Video

Is it possible to actually lose weight on vacation? Ayren, FitStudio’s mommy makeover, shares her first-hand experience. Watch her video now!Read More

Ayren Jackson-Cannady is a FitStudio sponsored writer
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Ayren’s Mommy Makeover Workout: Part 2

FitStudio expert, Steve Pfeister, delivers a dy-no-mite workout that’ll reshape your body and your confidence in just 30 minutes. Watch it now!Read More

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Honestly, Bonnie: Slim Body, Big Ego?

What happens when the whistles and stares you receive, thanks to your slimmer bod, go to your head? Lifestyle guru, Bonnie Pfiester, talks weight-loss…for your ego! Read More

Bonnie Pfiester is a FitStudio sponsored writer
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Polyamorous Fitness

When it comes to fitness, you should spread the love around! Blogger Franklin Antoian explains why it’s best to commit to several workouts, rather than one.Read More

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