Dear Body…

It’s easy to forget how good our bodies are to us, but they may be the most loyal friends we’ve got. That’s why we’re compelled to pay homage to our remarkable physicality. Here, FitStudio bloggers confess their sins and profess their gratitude in open letters.

Dear Body,
Let’s start with the positive. Thank you for allowing me to be a serious sports competitor. You’ve performed and “personal bested” countless times, and for that, I am forever grateful. I’m also sorry—sorry that I spent so much of my youth neglecting the little things that keep you healthy, like using a foam roller and stretching daily. My neglect has led to your pain and injuries. From now on, I will take care of you the best I can.
Yours truly, Danny

Dear Body,
Thanks for pushing a little harder when asked, reminding me that naps are important, letting me hug my family, run on strong legs, balance on primed toes, and carry my son, the greatest gift of all. You are powerful and reliable. I promise to feed you well, keep you safe, get you moving, let you sleep, slather you in sunscreen, and ravish you with hugs.
All my love, Lisa

Dear Body,
You’ve seen endless hours of big wave windsurfing, upside-down jumps, hard landings, and jaunts across the dangerous Hawaiian Pailolo Channel. Sometimes, I only fueled you with a pint of ice cream. The kamikaze cocktails—the time I smoked a cigarette—what was I thinking? I appreciate you so much more now. I’ll let you rest, feed you nutritious food, and avoid stressing you out. I look forward to sharing more fun adventures in the future!
Sincerely, Joyce

Dear Body,
Thank you for showing up for my early morning wake-up calls, all-day work marathons, and late evenings when I was on deadline. You rise at 4am daily with barely any complaints, prepared to run, lifts weights, or attempt the latest fitness class. I know you’d like a little more sleep and to lead a slower-paced life. I can’t do anything without you, so I promise to add in some Pilates and yoga and treat you to a weekly massage. Deal?
Respectfully, Franklin

Chee Gates is a FitStudio sponsored writer
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