A Trip Down Memory Bike Lane

Since May is National Bike Month, I can’t help but reminisce about my first ride, a stingray with a banana seat, tassels dangling from the handle bars, and whitewall tires. It was a gift from my sister, which made me love it even more. That bike was my rite of passage into childhood, and we were inseparable. Although I didn’t know it at the time, hours and hours of riding daily helped shape my athletic savvy. It’s no wonder I ended up surfing gnarly waves professionally, thanks to my improvisational training on two wheels!

Think you’re too old to get back in the saddle? Nonsense! If you rode a bike as a child, chances are, your body will remember. Standard mountain bikes are sturdy and offer great stability for adults of all sizes. Another option: Start out with a trike, or a bike for two (built in support system!). No doubt, you’ll have big fun, but you’ll also get an excellent workout without realizing it. Take your own trip down memory lane, and give biking a re-try this month. I bet you’ll be as happy as the guy in this photo!

Joyce Cherrier is a FitStudio sponsored writer
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  1. I love to ride my bike, such a great feeling, what better time to ride with all the wonderful bike trails cropping up all over.

    • Jason

      Stay safe!

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