The Couch Potato Cure

You know that sofa surfing is not a sport—you know the weather’s getting way to hot to schlep around in oversized sweatpants. Still, you can’t seem to peel yourself off that plush pad. Do yourself a favor: Try these five motivators (that require very little movement). The worst that could happen is you stay where you are. The best? We’re thinking teensy bikini!

Hold your breath
During the next commercial, hold your breath for at least 30 seconds and picture yourself swimming under the water. This exercise will raise your heart rate and help wake up your body. Maybe you’ll even feel like, errr, standing!

Stand up for yourself
Going from lounging to running may feel like stretch. So, just stand. Standing can burn anywhere from 50-100 calories an hour. Make a deal with yourself to stand up during the commercial breaks. A better idea: sit down during the commercials and stand while your show is on.

Be all you can be
No doubt, you’ll come across at least one advertisement daily to join the Armed Forces. Imagine: What if that were you crawling through mud, swinging from monkey bars, and sprinting in the rain? Stand up and scream out the battle cry, “hooah!” Don’t you feel motivated already?

Body watch
Clock how long it takes to see someone on TV in worse shape than you are.  Then pledge to exercise at least that many minutes the next day. Competition drives action!

Listen up
If you watched the show Cheers, you remember that whenever someone said Norm’s name, you lifted your glass and chugged your drink. Play that same game with exercise. Choose a keyword, and whenever someone on TV says it, do a crunch, or a squat, or 5 jumping jacks. Make a family game out of it–and you won’t be able to couch your excitement!

Andrea Metcalf is a FitStudio sponsored writer
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