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How Can I Protect My Knees and Shins When I Run?

Good question! Before you start pounding the pavement—which is part of the problem (see tip 4!), make sure you do the following. 1. Buy Sneakers… New runners often wear the wrong footwear, and their knees and shins end up paying …Read More

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Spring Into Your Spring Body!

Gone are the wintry days when you could camoflauge your pasta bloat with an oversized, flannel onesie. Warm weather begs you to shed those layers. But first, shed some layers of fat with this plyometric (a.k.a. jump-training) workout, led by …Read More

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Fitness, By The Numbers

Learn the facts and figures that can earn you a leaner bod.Read More

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So Celtic Strong

Steal Celtic warrior moves for your next workout!Read More

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Kenmore Kitchen: Lucky Irish Cupcakes

Why is the girl in the photo smiling? She just had a Guinness cupcake with Irish cream frosting! Watch as Kenmore Kitchen chefs whip up a St. Patty’s Day confection that’ll make you taste your luck. Got an impatient sweet …Read More

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