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Five Ways to Free Your Mind

Is your head on a recruiting assignment for stress? These five active tension-busters will help you abort that mission immediately. 1. Just flex. Sounds strange, but pick a muscle, your triceps, for example, and contract them for 10 seconds, as …Read More

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“FitStudio, Make Me A Marathoner” Part 3

The race is one week away…and Becca is more ready than ever!Read More

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Reader Question: I’ve blown my New Year’s resolution. How do I get back on track?

OK, you hit a detour. Who said weight-loss is a straight path? First of all, don’t panic. Secondly, don’t give up. Our experts explain the upside of diversions and offer directions to recalculate your course. “You haven’t done anything you …Read More

Chee Gates is a FitStudio sponsored writer
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New Year Medicine: Lower Body and Core

Not all remedies come in a bottle. If you want to realize your weight-loss goals this year, the answer isn’t in an over-the-counter fat-burner. Our prescription is simple: Sweat–lots of it! This super-intense workout is designed to get your heart …Read More

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Tips to Buy the Best Exercise Bike

How do you pick the perfect ride? Fitness experts Steve and Bonnie Pfiester fill you in.Read More

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