The Exercise & Breast Cancer Connection

You know that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  You may not know that regular exercise can help reduce your breast cancer risk. Studies also reveal that survivors and those who receive breast cancer treatment may notice less fatigue and an improvement in physical function and quality of life when they stick to a regular exercise program. We urge you to add exercise to your cancer-fighting arsenal. Allow us to build a convincing case.

Protect your bones. A twelve-month step-aerobics and circuit-training program helped pre-menopausal women diagnosed with breast cancer prevent bone loss. Another study found that strength-training specifically helped reduce lymphedema (swelling of the limbs) in breast cancer survivors. Bonus: Strength-training also appeared to be a positive intervention for the bone-loss associated with prostate cancer treatment, research revealed. Tell your hubby.

Balance your hormones. Experts say your exposure to estrogen may contribute to your likelihood of getting breast cancer. Fortunately, exercise lowers estrogen levels. The earlier you start working out, the more opportunity you have to reduce your risk. Encourage your daughters and nieces to go outside and play—often!

Stay lean. According to experts, if you are overweight or obese, you may have a higher risk for breast cancer, especially if your weight problem extends into your post-menopausal years. Suddenly, taking a walk after dinner seems more enticing than dessert!

Do you know a breast cancer survivor? Is exercise a part of her life?

Andrea Metcalf is a FitStudio sponsored writer
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