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Keep Your Fit Summer Sizzle

The days are getting shorter–the evenings are getting cooler. Summer isn’t over yet, but some of you may already feel as if your fit buzz is fizziling. Kelly Olexa shares tips to help you stay psyched about fitness as sweater …Read More

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Dive Into A New Workout!

Are you ready to refresh your fitness routine? Just add water! Pool workouts bring a splash of variety and fun to your fit life. Furthermore, by working your body in a new way, you’ll see noticeable results. Here’s why you …Read More

Joyce Cherrier is a FitStudio sponsored writer
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Watch Out–Curves Ahead!

Wanted: Perky boobs and boosted rear. To score these coveted curves, you need a routine that sculpts your chest and butt and blasts body fat. Do the exercises demonstrated below three times weekly, and your T & A will feel …Read More

Scott Herman is a FitStudio sponsored writer
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Making a Fit Life Transition

Sometimes life circumstances require you to make adjustments that impact your fitness routine. But that’s not a bad thing. Carla Birnberg talks about how to make your fit life transition a smooth one.

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Are You Addicted To Food?

Two things I know are true: 1. Certain foods—mainly ones that are drenched in grease, chocolate, or powdered sugar—have the ability to talk to you in your sleep. 2. Fast food restaurants have tractor beams that can suck entire cars …Read More

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