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Three Moves for Healthier Knees

Are you weak in the knees? If so, you may have an increased risk of injury. Watch as Danny McLarty demonstrates three moves that help strengthen the muscles that surround the knee, which may give you a leg up in …Read More

Danny McLarty is a FitStudio sponsored writer
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Fitness Lessons from “The Karate Kid”

Have you ever wanted something so badly and then felt overwhelmed when you realized how much work was involved? Many people experience a similar feeling when they launch into a fitness regimen. They think that “wanting it” is enough. In …Read More

Ryan Sullivan is a FitStudio sponsored writer
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Back to Fitness Basics

Are you ready to start a new workout program after a long lay off? Great! Now that you’re motivated to change your body and your life, you need expert direction. Follow these four basic fitness rules to help you stay …Read More

Franklin Antoian is a FitStudio sponsored writer
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Love Your Awesome Body

You have that moment where you look down at your tummy and sigh, or check out your butt in the mirror, and make an ugly face. Friends think you’re crazy. “You look great,” they say. You wish you could see …Read More

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Fitness Lessons Hawaii Taught Me

Hawaii was an active vacation paradise, but even paradise has its predators. Circumstances beyond my control could have discouraged my fitness intentions. But they didn’t. These are the three fit life lessons my vacation taught me. Keep expectations in check …Read More

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