Teaching Kids Body Appreciation

Carla Birnberg offers advice on how parents can encourage body appreciation in their kids.

Carla Birnberg is a FitStudio sponsored writer
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  1. Carla, great topic and two great ideas. Here’s another toughie that’s also very powerful: Challenge them and work with them to get through the challenge! There’s too much emphasis today on giving everyone a gold star no matter whether they succeed or not. Even though we do this, our kids know that if they haven’t mastered the skill or activity, they haven’t really accomplished what they set out to do. So make praise sincere – and if they haven’t quite pushed through enough to master something or give a challenge a good effort, stick with them and keep them striving without giving insincere praise. When children see that they can take on things that were really tough – that they “failed at” during several attempts and finally got it, it gives them confidence to take on the tough things that inevitably come up in life and work through initial “failures” turning them into victories!

  2. Awesome video! Keeping children excited about fitness is crucial! I love your point on how to positively motivate them. It seems like sometimes we forget children are children. :)

  3. You’re the one with the brains here. I’m wathicng for your posts.

  4. “…and then we won’t have to preach a word.”
    Well said, Carla…well said.

  5. Ah! Love this topic. Its something I think about now…before the peanut has even been born. Great tips. Things I will definitely be keeping in mind and putting into practice. Have a great Sunday :)

  6. Carla – YES! Amazing post & how true it is! Yo have done well by teaching by example to Tornado. You spoke of that other little girl which reminded me of myself as a kid. My mom had an abusive mom so she also had bad self-esteem & I do recall hearing her talk about this when I was young & it does effect how we think of ourselves. Words are very powerful!

    Also, too funny on your talking about the groceries because I have a post Tuesday that talks about me & carrying shopping bags! ;-)

    Great post Carla!

  7. This was so well said. I only wish I had started this 10 years ago. Never too late, right?

  8. This is soooo important. I recently spoke to 5th and 6th grade girls about body image and what the media considers “beautiful.” And I’m currently writing a blog post for another site about the impact moms can have on their daughter’s image of beauty. Several of my friends sounded just like your client’s child… negative self talk from the parent that led to eating disorders and disordered eating throughout the child’s life. Thanks for talking about this. With my kids, we talk about foods that have “vitamins’ and how those foods make us strong and healthy!!

    • Chee Gates chineesa

      Thanks for your note, Julia! We, too, think it’s important to teach kids health body image and fight back against the media misinformation. Parents play a key role in showing kids to love and respect their bodies! Thanks again!

  9. Thanks so much for sharing that Julia.

    It takes a village huh? Parents friends neighbors TEACHERS all coming together to help foster self-esteem

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