The Secret To A Flat Belly

It’s not a magic fat-burning pill. It’s Pilates!

No matter what flavor of Pilates you choose—standing, reformer, mat, cardio—each requires you to engage your abs. In Pilates, form is everything. Practice pulling in your tummy by doing a move I call “the scoop.” The best part: You can practice it any time, any where, seated or standing.

The Scoop
Step one: Start in a seated or standing position with both feet flat on the floor.
Step two: Inhale deeply through your nose.
Step three: On the exhale, pull your belly button inward and up toward your ribs, as you blow the air out through your mouth. Repeat ten times.

We have a saying in my studio: “Train with a scoop, get a scoop. Train with a poof, get a poof.” Having a flat tummy takes strength and conditioning. Practicing the scoop throughout the day will help build the muscles in your core. Soon, you’ll see the flat-belly results you’re looking for. It’s kinda amazing!

Try the scoop for one week, and tell me if you feel a difference in your abs. Take your Pilates practice an extra step and try taking a class. All you need is a yoga mat and an open mind.



Lisa Johnson is a FitStudio sponsored writer
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  1. Yes, this is a valuable exercise not only to help flatten the tummy but to help engage & strengthen the core to prevent back injuries. Used this with patients when I was a physical therapist.

  2. Glad you like it Jeannie, Pilates instructors LOVE physical therapists! :-)